Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks and more....

Hello All,
Thanks for the words of encouragement from those who sent them, I love your feedback! A special thanks to Yvonne for pointing out the color issue, I hope this works better. Don't hesitate to let me know.
Last night at The WORTH Program we had a wonderful discussion on Self-Discipline and how it related to Self-Worth. My friend and colleague, Paul White gave an excellent talk on the subject and the accolades keep coming from those who attended and really enjoyed it.

The gist of it is this, Self-Discipline is: Doing what you say you are going to do, even when you don't want to. The question then becomes, why don't we do what we say we are going to do? Excellent question. Many answers were highlighted last night but this blog is about my experience so I am going to limit this post to that.

For me, self-discipline takes careful planning, in other words, I need to set myself up powerfully to succeed. In practical terms that means if I am going to work out first thing in the morning I need to trip over my sneakers as soon as I get out of bed. I need a place that has easy access, which means my gym right across the hall. I need to associate my workout with pleasure so I listen to CD's of people I highly admire only when I am working out, so I am actually looking forward to getting in the gym. I need to feel positive so I put positive sayings and affirmations all over the room.

These things work for me because I have put them in place to support my decision to exercise. That is a powerful part of the Self-Discipline equation for me but the most important thing I did was to make the initial decision. I decided that no matter what, I was going to work out regularly. The key here is the 'no matter what.' Without it the decision would be like many that have come before it, completely dependent on circumstances. The 'no matter what' is brilliant because it takes into consideration every single circumstance that could possibly come up and says, 'no problem, I can deal with that and still get my workout in.'

Self-Discipline is the fastest way I know to shut down the conversation of the ego that want us to believe there is something wrong and that we are not good enough. When we do what we say we are going to do we tell ourselves that anything is possible, anything. We tell ourselves that we are worth the effort and we tell ourselves that we love ourselves. Try something small, like making a decision to call someone or putting your keys in the same place, or brushing your teeth every night before bed, then add 'no matter what' to the end of your declaration and see how it works for you. Set yourself up powerfully for success and learn in baby steps what it feels like to admire your own accomplishments. I guarantee it is a feeling you will fall in love with.


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