Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hello friends, both old and new and welcome to my blog!

I hope you find something here to enhance your journey, whether it be my musing on life, spirituality, health and numerous other things or the documenting of my own journey.
My life has been an exercise in Self-Worth. It has been my most frequently presented lesson, through various addictions mainly and it has been a huge point of interest for me. I know that my time here on this planet is about becoming aware of my own worth and helping you to see yours. I guess I am lucky in that most people struggle to find their purpose while mine is very clear.

Almost 20 years ago while I was living in New Brunswick a darling friend of mine helped me launch The WORTH Program. It stared as a weight loss program that addressed our Self-Worth as well as our diet and exercise, and it has evolved over the last couple of decades to be a program that I now run on my own with the main focus of raising and recognizing our Self-Worth.

My journey has taken me through addictions to drugs and cigarettes and today as I take on the final frontier - food- I do so with the realization that my body and my addictions do not define me. They are simply the tools I chose to reveal my particular lessons here on earth. I utilize a health plan today because it is an excellent way to exercise self-discipline and in doing so shut down the voice of the ego that wants me to believe there is something wrong with me.

Here is what I know: I am not my thoughts of self-hatred, I am instead, a divine reflection of grace. My peace is found inside that grace and the tools I use to get there? Well they may not seem so obvious at first, that's one of the reasons for this blog, so I can show you, through my own experience how to co-create a life you love using your own Self-Worth as the fuel for your fire!



Jayesse said...

Hey SIS, GREAT blog...You ROCK!!! Look forward to more...

Anonymous said...

I was so relieved to see at least one comment.
Having 0 comments after every blog looks awfully lonely
You must get your friends and family to write somethig after every blog
It may not feel like such a great thing to do but that's the only way to promote it.

Anonymous said...

I love all that you do and say, you are so purposeful and direct and honest. Keep up the very important, "WORTH"y work!