Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey there,
My darling daughter Emily showed me a hilarious non-valentine card she made for her friend yesterday. Basically, it said that Valentine's is a bogus commercialized holiday and she was not going to acknowledge it but she wanted to say I LOVE YOU anyway. The language may have been a tad more colorful but...that was the gist. Once again Emily got it. You see it doesn't matter what you think of the holiday or the things you are pushed to purchase or the excuse for going out to dinner and all the other stuff that Valentine's Day has come to represent because what the day really is, is a chance to honour the LOVE in your life. That's it. However you choose to do that will work just fine. Today, for me, is about preparing a delicious meal for my family, the people I can count on in my life, no matter what. Its about making sure my daughter knows how much I cherish her, and it's about treating myself with LOVE and respect. Actually stopping for a minute today and feeling the love that is in the world for me, the love that is always there that sometime I forget; now that is a reason to celebrate!
Last night at the WORTH program Tina Olivero was the guest speaker and she delivered a powerful message. She reminded each of us that we are limitless and the only thing that ever causes suffering is when we forget that. What a loving, powerful and inspirational lesson! Thanks Tina.
We also discussed further how our individual conversations of the ego play out in our lives and started a personalized action plan to remind us to live from our place of divine power and not from our ego.
It is such a privilege and an honour to stand in front of this class each week and shed a little more light on the idea that we can live the life of our dreams. Thanks for showing up and thanks for doing the work, and thanks for being yet another source of amazing LOVE in my life!

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