Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Law of Attraction in my life...

Last night I attended a Law of Attraction class at Life on Fire. It was wonderful to be reminded that I am always attracting, even if I am not aware of it. It was also wonderful to meet some new people and to reconnect with some old friends.
The more I make the effort to stay in the conversation of transformation the more rewards I reap. Rewards like heightened self-awareness, feelings of incredible gratitude, and powerful connections with my fellow human beings.
One thing I know is that people crave connection, they want to share their stories and they want to find what they feel is missing in their lives. These powerful motivators are part of the reason I do the work that I do, to facilitate that connection, that 'aha' moment when we realize that we are not alone, that what we are doing matters and that who we are being in the matter of our lives is a very important question for personal growth.
The Law of Attraction helps me to see how much I am the controller of my life, the driver of the bus and the creator of my happiness or my misery. The idea that I create everything in my life is actually a freeing one, in that I no longer have to figure out whose fault anything is, I just have to look inside and adjust from there. Not always an easy task, but man, is it a rewarding one!
Much Love,

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