Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pull a 'Nike' and Just Do It....

Hi Friends,

As is the case most of the time, as soon as I suggest a course of action for someone dealing with something challenging, a situation arises with the opportunity for me to put my 'money where my mouth is'. For instance a few times in the last weeks I have been coaching in the area of letting things go, having faith and realizing that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be. Like most spiritual principles, these are excellent theories, the practice of which, for the most part, has been much harder to develop.

In fact, I have been reading spiritual literature and listening to motivational speakers and self-help teachers for over 15 years and although I have agreed whole heartedly with most of what I have read I have rarely, until more recent years, practiced what they suggest. I know too from my clients and the participants of my seminars and classes that people rarely follow through on suggested exercises. So what does it take to act?

Well if you're like me a sense of spinning wheels might do it. I remember thinking as I perused the self-help section yet again that there couldn't possibly be anything else here for me to read. I had most of the books if not in print then on CD and the ideas for the most part were a recycled version of each, what exactly was I looking for? It was an epiphany because I left empty handed and went home to look at my bookshelves with new eyes. Doing the exercises, starting the journals, actively taking part in what the author wanted to share was an incredible experience, I felt my attitudes and thought patterns changing almost immediately. It was then that I went from agreeing with them to understanding them.

As I look in the eyes of some of the beautiful and courageous participants I meet with each week I see the same longing, a desire to understand more deeply the wisdom of The WORTH Program and I hope that they will see that it is through action that one becomes a participant in the creation of their own self-worth, as I have become in mine.

Much Love,

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