Friday, February 8, 2008


Happy Friday!
First let me say I have cleared up the issue with having to be registered before leaving a comment. Thanks to those of you who pointed that out to me. Anyone can now leave a comment without registering or any other criteria.

This week at The WORTH Program we asked some really powerful questions around the issue of loving ourselves. Here are some of the questions we asked:

If you respected yourself deeply what choices would you make today?

Where in your life are you in denial?

Do you take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life?

And instead of constantly asking things like 'what's wrong with me?' We decided to change that question every time we hear it to 'what's RIGHT with me?'

The idea is that we get an accurate snapshot by asking questions like these of how we are loving ourselves on a daily basis. It also a way to recognize what needs attention and a way to acknowledge what we already do that demonstrates our self-love.

The other way questions can be valuable tools in the cultivation of self-worth is to use them to question our limiting beliefs. After all, a belief is nothing more than a thought that you are certain of. A certainty is nothing more than a thought that goes without question. So if you started questioning things you were certain of, maybe you could change your beliefs? Let's try it.

If I believe that 'losing weight is hard' and I back up that belief with the memory of numerous failed attempts and I throw in, for good measure, the experiences of a number of close friends who have also experienced failed attempts, then I would be pretty certain that losing weight was indeed hard. If I never question that belief then it remains intact but if I decide to challenge it with a few questions like: 'what about that woman I met who said losing weight was an incredibly positive experience for her?', or ' if you really like exercising and eating nutritious food, is losing weight still hard?'

Answering these questions can and does have an incredibly powerful impact on our ability to create what we want in our lives because the only thing that ever stops us is a limiting belief. Am I more likely to lose weight if I believe it is hard, or if I believe it is easy? hmmmmm.....

If you are struggling with an area of your life try nailing down your beliefs about it and then ask those beliefs some powerful questions, chances are they wont hold up to the interrogation, instead they will crumble in the face of glorious limitless possibilities.

Have a wicked weekend!

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