Monday, February 25, 2008

What makes a life Joyful?

Friends….wonderful friends. One of the many blessings in my life is my amazing friends. They let me know I am loved, remind me of my worth and put huge smiles on my face. This week I am thinking about authentic joy. Moments of pure authentic joy are a goal for me, I want to string together as many as I can in my lifetime. Friends who open their hearts and let me in, remind me of what life is really about, connecting, sharing, inspiring and loving each other. Making the kind of connections wherein I am comfortable being vulnerable is one of the most precious and joyous gifts in my life. Yesterday a dear friend massaged a nasty kink out of my neck, another sent three messages to my phone during her busy day trying to connect, each time noting that she missed me. Another friend/family member cooked me a delicious meal and made me feel incredibly welcomed in his home, even though I had dropped by unannounced just to say hi. Those are the moments that make me grateful and when I am feeling gratitude it is the closest thing to real joy that I know. The smile on my daughters tired face as I picked her up from her Dad’s birthday party, the bear hug he gave me when I wished him happy birthday, there are so many reasons to celebrate my life if I simply take a moment and take stock. Each moment is a chance to feel joy, each moment is a choice to feel joy. My life is beautiful, it is what I make it and it is a constant learning experience, filled with tiny moments of authentic joy. Why, because today I make it so, what are you making today?

Much Love,


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Anonymous said...

I LUV to read your inspiring messages! You are an amazing lady!

LUV Deneen