Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together...

Back in the first week of January a friend of mine held a wonderful goal setting seminar that I took part in. In it we were prompted to write down 50 goals...most people were completely daunted by the task, not me though, I have been visualizing and embellishing my goals for years now. I had no problem coming up with 50. There were a number of people that I wanted to meet in those goals and three of them I will be seeing next weekend at the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto. Talk about psyched!
I started the work I do now in part because of a book I read about 20 years ago called Your Sacred Self by Dr.Wayne Dyer. It had the most intriguing ideas about the 'ego' that I had ever read and from the moment I started I was hooked. I have been incredibly inspired by the man and his work and to be attending his lecture next Friday night will be not only a goal realized but a dream come true.
I will also be spending all day Saturday with Caroline Myss and Sunday with Marianne Williamson, two incredible spiritual authors whose works have served to deepen my knowledge of the world, of my Source and of myself. I can only imagine the energy in these rooms...can't wait!
To top off the Toronto leg I will be entertained on Saturday night by an incredibly talented man named Stuart Knight and his show called I Decide, about taking on your life and creating miracles. This show is only put on once a year..maybe twice if your lucky...and look at that, it happened to be playing the exact night I will be there!
One of the highlights of getting away is the chance to reconnect with dear friends. Yes we chat on the phone but it is not the same as looking into the eyes of someone who knows your soul and giving them a huge hug. I am going to explore my creative side with my incredibly talented friend Jennifer by sitting at her pottery wheel and attempting to make something, this could be hilarious! I will post the results when I get back.
All in all I can't think of a better way to celebrate Spring than this amazing trip! Now, what are you going to do to celebrate it? Post it in the comments section, I will be checking in frequently while away.
Happy Easter, Happy Spring,

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

why don't we do it?

Why, when we say we want something, do we not do what is necessary to achieve it?

Sometimes it is the habit of procrastination that keeps us from our goals. You know, that habit we have of putting things off until tomorrow and then until never; it's during these times that we are choosing to listen to the ego...that's all it really is. But when our goals linger farther and farther from our reach isn't time to ask ourselves what is that tiny voice costing us?!

The thing about procrastination is that it is like a virus that runs silently in the background. If you tune into the crap it feeds you to stay alive, you hear things like: "that's ok, it will wait until tomorrow", "you deserve a break, you worked hard today, don't bother following through on your commitments, you need a rest instead," and variations on that same dream destroying theme. Often it will be subtle and almost loving as it convinces you to crap out on your commitments and let your goals fly out the window.

Sometimes it is our low sense of self-worth that keeps us from trying. Even though, that too is nothing more than a conversation of the ego, and when you know that, you are again choosing to listen. That conversation will be similar to procrastination but might include things like, “listen, you know you are never going to accomplish that goal so why are you bothering to make it in the first place?” or “You've never been able to get what you wanted so why do you even try?” or “What are you thinking? You're not the kind of person who can create a life you love, that is only for other, more confident, more beautiful, more thin, more intelligent people.”

See how the ego aims to keep us separate from our dreams and goals and separate from others by telling us that we are different, less than, or more than, or whatever other crap it can come up with to have us believe that we are unworthy?

No matter what you are attempting, whether it be big or small, or it’s the first time or the 50th time, know that you can accomplish anything if you tune out the ego and start listening to the conversation of what is possible. The ego and its negative conversation is our default so we must, in order to become aware of it, work on that awareness (the WORTH Program is an excellent place for that!). We must replace the negative with the positive and from there keep our goals and desires in sight. Paste them to the wall, make a vision board, put them up as screensavers, whatever you have to do to constantly remind yourself that you can do anything, then that is what you do.

And listen, don't make this difficult, it can be as simple as a sentence you read to yourself every day, so don't let your ego tell you it can't be done.....refuse to listen. Instead, listen to the words in one of my favorite quotes: Things are only impossible until they're not. - Jean-Luc Picard

Much Love,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey Folks,
The next WORTH Program is starting this week.
Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might be interested in attending.
Thanks a million, your support means the world to me!