Sunday, April 20, 2008

what's really going on?

Hey Beautiful People,

Low energy….is it a sign of something going on in the background? Or is it just low energy?

I ask because for the past 24 hours I have felt a bit like I am treading water. Moving a lot yet getting very little done, tired, bitchy….etc.

At times like these the temptation is to fall securely into the arms of my internal victim, wallow like mad for a while, possibly drag a few unsuspecting souls with me and make sure that before I climb back out, everyone knows just how miserable I am.

Even writing that, feels gross. Nevertheless, it is the truth…sometimes the truth makes us feel gross. And sometimes the truth makes us feel ….empowered.

I know that if I keep those destructive thoughts inside me, as I have so many times in the past, they do just that, destroy me, a little bit at a time. On the other hand, if I shine the light of truth on them, they literally dissolve and another way is revealed. From there I remember that I have a choice; that what I think is up to me and then I can choose empowered thoughts over crap like I have been buying into.

So I guess there is something going on in the background..opportunity. This dip into victim hood, however brief, is yet another opportunity to remember who I really am….a loving, worthy, amazing woman, who sometimes stumbles, and sometimes…..soars!

Peace and Love


Sunday, April 6, 2008


I knew when I entered the auditorium at the Convention Center in Toronto last Friday night that this was going to be a special evening. I even had those semi-nauseous butterflies in my stomach as a constant reminder that something amazing was about to take place, but….when Wayne Dyer walked in the room I had no idea that I would be changed…forever. Suffice to say that his talk was way more than I could possibly transcribe here, but the main points I want to share with you now are these: Everything Matters- meaning that from a spiritual perspective nothing we do, say or think is unimportant, it is all working in a continuous manner to create the experience we call life. We Are Not Alone – our Source is constantly guiding us, the challenge is to tune in and listen to that guidance, hint: you can’t hear it with the TV, radio or computer on.Wayne says that if we knew who walked beside us in every moment, we would never fear again. Pretty powerful thought isn't it? Love Is Our Birthright – it is almost impossible for us to understand the level of love that is constantly being channeled toward us. In fact, the entire universe is conspiring for our success. The impossible to imagine becomes possible with meditation, reflection and self-knowledge, in Wayne’s opinion, and I tend to agree, these are the only ways we are going to be able to receive the love that is there for us.

It was truly a gift to watch a man who is so passionate about us that he can’t keep his tears at bay when he speaks of his love for humanity. He touched me, in every way possible and I will to the best of my ability pass his incredible message on.

The next day was spent with Caroline Myss, and Sunday was with Marianne Williamson, both of these days were intense and life-changing and I will share as much as I can throughout my future writing.

I want to extend a special hello and welcome to my new friends that I met while at the Conference, you have all touched my heart and were a huge part of this incredible weekend for me! Thanks for sharing yourselves, your snacks and your love!