Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Steps

Here is why they work: because they get you quietly from where you are now to where you want to be. The reason that quietly matters is because you accomplish your goals without engaging the ego and without putting huge pressure on yourself. I’m not saying that a bit of pressure can’t be a good thing because it certainly can. I mean without feeling a bit squeezed we wouldn’t initiate change at all would we? But I am talking about the kind of pressure that overwhelms us, the kind that makes us think we will never get where we want to be and so therefore throwing in the towel is looking like a really good idea…that kind of pressure.

My ego has always screamed the loudest when I have decided that I need to set goals, follow a plan and take action. Or in other words, whenever I have tried to change anything. I have the kind of personality that hates to be dominated by things like, a healthy eating plan, an exercise plan, a budget, a deadline, etc. And my ego tries to ensure that that pattern continues by feeding me a constant diet of garbage about the suspected culprit. The truth, which I see when I stop and remember that I am in charge of what happens in my life, is that none of these things, plans, goals, budgets, are ‘out to get me’ as my ego would have me believe. In fact, they are sensible tools that if used effectively can lead me from where I am now to where I want to be….so…..back to baby steps.

Today I will take the first step of setting a goal in an area of my life that is not working as well as I would like it to – my weight. Then tomorrow I will take the step of preparing an action plan that sets me up powerfully to succeed. Then I will act, consistently and effectively, with periodic evaluations to ensure that I am meeting my goals…there…that should do it.

I will keep you posted…no pun intended : )

Love and Inspiration to you!


p.s. I am wondering where motivation comes from and more precisely, where it goes when we need it! I’ll write more about that in the future. In the meantime any ideas on the topic would be greatly appreciated!

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