Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fired up!

Is there a precise moment when our minds change and limits are lifted? Or is it a cumulative thing? Some people say that transformation happens in an instant. I tend to believe that the instant is allowed when the leg work is done.
Most of my major life changes and decisions I can trace a path to and from. Before the change there are unmistakable things that led up to it and everything that comes after is affected by the new approach to life. Although this path may not be so clear until I am a good ways down the road!
Like right now for instance, there have been a number of things that have led to my rock solid commitment to my health, but the actual transformation happened in an instant. : )
A doctor’s visit, an honest look at my future, the perspective and grace of others in the same boat and a quote from a guy on television, and poof, I was completely committed. My goals felt like they were already accomplished. My will was rock solid, my path was crystal clear, my soul was inspired, in that moment and each one since I have been no-holds-barred falling head over heels in love with myself. Cool eh?
What facilitates this kind of transformation in me is my decision to never stop trying. I may get discouraged, I may appear to have given up completely at times, but I always rise up from a different pile of ashes to try yet another approach. It is the same for anyone who never gives up, eventually we get where we are going, we accomplish what we want and we grow incredibly as human beings because we taught ourselves how to create our life….now that is what I call a WORTH while experience!

Keep on keeping on beautiful people!

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