Monday, June 16, 2008

The power of me…

I used to consider falling off the wagon as complete failure now I consider it a discovery. Not that my knee jerk reaction isn’t still to bemoan myself as a failure, it certainly is, but it doesn’t stick like it used to. I am learning to live more in the moment than in the failure because I know, truly know, that I am perfect exactly the way I am…in this moment. That is the power of NOW. As anyone who has struggled with addiction or other forms of self-defeating behavior will tell you, the past and the future are scary places. One is used to keep us in a state of self-hatred and the other to keep us in a state of perpetual fear; fear that we will not be strong enough, creative enough or loving enough to overcome the next challenge.

Not so in the NOW. Here we can relax, breathe; see ourselves as the beautiful, capable, astonishing creatures that we are. And we really are! Our spirits soar when we feed them, regardless of our weight, our height, our scars, or any other outside characteristic. My strength and beauty as a human being is only realized when I stay in the present moment. This is the time that the ego is silenced, in this moment I am in between the thoughts, the judgments, the mindless ego chatter. And it feels like floating, completely supported yet entirely suspended, not fearful of the future, or even aware of the past…just PRESENT. It feels like heaven….maybe it is.

Much Love,


p.s. the Gaining Health group starts tomorrow, anyone interested in joining should email me immediately to secure a spot.

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