Tuesday, June 10, 2008

to our fathers...

My dad is a rock; he has been a consistent example of love, responsibility and grace and the way he loves my mother is nothing short of miraculous. Not because she is hard to love but because after 48 years of marriage, 4 children, countless homes, half a dozen provinces and uncounted challenges, they are still as crazy about each other as if they had just met. No small feat by today’s standards.

I asked my dad last week what he wanted for Father’s Day and all he could come up with was a bush for the garden. When I pushed for more suggestions he honestly couldn’t think of anything else he wanted. To me, that is a definition of a life well lived.

I am so grateful for his beautiful smile, his unending support and belief in me and his unveiled emotion that shows me what is real. I am humbled by his ability to listen, a talent I am still trying to get down.

Most of all this week I want him to know how much I love his kind and graceful heart and how much it has meant to have him fully in my life. I can easily see through the experiences of many friends that what I have with my father is an incredible gift and I want him to know that I do not take it for granted, not for one second.

As we head into whatever blessings and challenges that are coming next, it fills me with emotion to imagine that I am in some ways still his little girl and in others, have become his teacher. I guess that is the perfect example of ‘full circle’. One thing is for certain, our relationship will continue to be a huge source of love in my life, one that I learn from and cherish each day.

To those of you who would not classify your paternal relationship in quite the same way, I hope for you the gifts of acceptance and gratitude this Father’s Day so that you may be able to offer thanks for your father whether you know him, are in communication with him, have a rich relationship with him, or not. No doubt on Father’s Day he will be thinking of you and I hope in some way that will bring you peace.

Love to you Dad,



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