Wednesday, July 23, 2008

such a tiny word, such a huge impact....

Sample Employment Contract

Want an empowering way to take care of yourself? Would you like something that commands respect, staves off intimidation, enables time for your passions, makes resentment disappear, nurtures your self-worth, your body, your time, your health, your life and your soul?

It is the word “no”. Inside this tiny little word lay a million possibilities.

When I use this word too little something remarkable happens. I enter a cycle of self-destruction. See if you recognize this cycle: First I will agree to something that takes away from my time, my peace of mind, my money or my health, then I realize, by doing the agreed upon task, that I have put myself in jeopardy. Then I resent the person or people involved, usually the one who asked in the first place. Then I engage in some form of self-destructive behaviour because I am not really mad at them at all. I am really mad at me, and instead of facing that fact, I act it out. While I am acting, my ego is having a field day telling me how wrong they are and how they should be able to see what I need without me telling them and that they are inconsiderate and that I would never do that to them….sounds like a whiny, crying, baby, victim doesn’t it?

Because it is.

We teach people how to treat us and every time we say ‘yes’ when we really mean ‘no’ we teach them that their time, energy, talent, peace of mind etc, is more important than ours. When my actions and thoughts are out of alignment with my spirit I feel bad. And living with the consequences of too many yeses and not enough no’s definitely feels bad.

Now, the good news. Yesterday when I was knee deep in that cycle I saw it. As I searched for something unhealthy to eat, I found instead the insight to see what I had created. The cravings went away, the inner anger started to dissipate and I remembered that my happiness depends on me, not on what anyone else does or doesn’t do, just me.



Monday, July 14, 2008

the magic in the mountain...

On Friday past myself and two other amazing women set out to conquer the Signal Hill Hiking Trail and after hundreds of steps, tons of catch-our-breath breaks and an untold amount of empowering self-talk whispers, we did it. Not only did we conquer the mountain but we conquered all the crap in our heads about not being able to do it, talk about a wicked payback!

The hike itself took almost 2 hours, but the effects have lasted ever since. The feeling of accomplishment from taking something on, even and maybe especially, when you have no idea if you can do it, is incredible!

What if we lived our lives from there? Grasping each opportunity as if it were possible even when we didn't have a clue...what kind of life would that create?
I am pretty sure that when the Wright Bros. took to the air the first time they had no idea how it was going to play out, and what about Bill Gates, do you think he had any idea what he was creating when he started Microsoft?

Sure, like anything you do that feeds your soul, it will feel amazing, you will be empowered and you may possibly know that something incredible is being created but you probably will not know what.

Just like my mountain...conquering it inspires the hell out of me, makes me want to go back and do it again and leaves me with the taste of possibility and what it feels like to be limitless on my lips...a taste I can't get enough of these days.

That's the real magic in the mountain, that in each step I can hear the walls falling, the call of my best life, the idea that I can do ANYTHING.

And I can...

with much Love,

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What do you really, really, really want?

Think carefully before you answer that question. Think carefully because what you say can be your reality, if you get it that simply wanting it is not enough.

In order to get what you REALLY want you have to be able to voice what you are willing to do to get it. Then you have to be able to do that in the face of the fear, the excuses, the ego conversation, the naysayers and anything else that might get in the way.

So often I see in my work people who say they want change, but they really don’t. I know they don’t because of what they are willing to do, or not do, to achieve change. In the case of getting healthy, one MUST put them self first or the commitments they make will always find a way to crack under the circumstances of their lives.

When it comes to breaking out of destructive patterns in whatever area of your life, one must be willing to look at how they have created them, because blame will simply keep you in the pattern. Again, most people do not want to change bad enough to take this brutally honest look at their behavior, and so they stay stuck.

Stuck in the waiting, wishing and wanting place I call HELL on earth. The truth is that we are limitless, we are able to accomplish more than we can even fathom, and our living a lesser life simply because it is comfortable is not serving us, our families, our communities, our spirit…..etc.

I have a gift for you, it is the next 24 hours. That is all you get. Once that is up you can look back and wish and want or you can see concrete accomplishment created by you with nothing more than what you already are, which is perfect, capable, limitless and love in action.

Put your life in high gear and take on your excuses, your circumstances and your ego, don’t give your precious life to those things that will keep you small. After all, who is in the driver’s seat, you or your circumstances? You or your excuses? You or your ego?

You decide it all!

In health and possibility,