Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ch ch ch ch changes……..

I don’t know about you but for me this time of year is one of the most motivating. Something about the kids going back to school, the temps cooling down and the feeling of getting ready for something (not sure what??) that spurns me to action.

Maybe I am getting ready to live a healthier life, maybe I am getting ready to make the perfect amount of money, maybe I am getting ready to greet the partner that is making his way to me. ….or maybe all of those.

The important thing for me to remember and maybe you too, is that getting ready does not mean standing still. It means preparing. It means taking advantage of opportunities. It means being present in each moment so that I can see the opportunities as they arise…it means taking action, and most of the time taking action produces change. In the areas I mentioned above, change is most welcome!

If you are reading this and you feel like you too are getting ready then I have some opportunities that you might be interested in. First, The WORTH Program is starting again on September 17 with some revised content that promises to be incredibly inspiring! This year we are looking more closely at how our beliefs affect our reality and how we can change the ones that don’t serve us. We will also be tackling procrastination, cultivating self-discipline and learning how to identify the ego, as well as other great topics that are designed to have you realize a high sense of self-worth. For more info or to register email me or visit

Second, Life on Fire is offering many courses that help you put the Law of Attraction to work in your life. The topics and discussion allow a greater understanding of how we are creating our lives and how to deliberately create what we want. Some courses are ongoing and work on a drop-in basis, the next Law of Attraction Workshop is September 13th, details and registration info is on their website mentioned above.

If you are looking for a way to start your week powerfully then tune into The Self WORTH Show at every Monday at 8pm NL time, that’s 6:30 eastern(NY ) time. We discuss many inspirational topics of interest with like minded people and it’s a call in show so listen for the number and give me a ring to take part. This Monday: How to Recognize and Change Our Disempowering Beliefs.

Lastly, the Gaining Health Group is back in September after a few weeks of down time. Meetings resume on the 16th and if you would like to join the group simply drop me an email to register. This is an incredible opportunity to see how support and a plan can positively impact your health

I am sure these are not the only opportunities that will fall into your lap while you are getting ready for some changes of your own, but they are an excellent way to get into action and create something wonderful for your life this fall. Drop me a line or comment on any of my posts and let me know what opportunities you are creating and taking advantage of, I would love to hear from you!


Sunday, August 17, 2008


I watched a dear friend watch her Mom pass away this week and marveled at her strength. It didn’t appear as hard or tough or stoic or convicted, it appeared as grace. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
Speaking with her the day her Mom passed away she said that her spiritual practice and journey had been preparing her for this moment. So true.
I have often said when coaching or presenting that ‘life is easy when it is easy’. Most of what I teach has nothing to do with easy. It is about finding out what you are made of in the challenging times.
Watching my friend’s remarkable ability to simple ‘be with’ her Mom as she passed from this life to the next was a gift. Most of us are very uncomfortable with death; we need to constantly distract ourselves from what is really going on. What I witnessed this week was the payoff of becoming self-aware, letting go of judgment, being accepting, and truly connecting with the people you love.
Creating a life based on spiritual principal’s means we get to be present to everything that is happening; we get to ‘be with’ people on a level that is rarely seen, even when they are healthy and available. These ways of being ultimately enhance our life experience by enabling us to take part fully in every moment, by providing us comfort when we grieve and like my friend, being able to be a part of your Mom’s passing and “have no regrets”.

My wise and wonderful friend found it interesting that each person took her Mom’s death and made it mean what they needed it to. I guess we are all looking for meaning in life and ironically death can provide huge meaning.
For me, I am making this mean that life is incredibly precious, that death is natural and can be graceful and beautiful and that every opportunity to connect with friends and family is a gift and an honour, things that as I grow and witness more frequently the cycle of life and death, I take less and less lightly.
Much Love,