Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Ahhhhhhh there it is, feel it? The unmistakable tingling of pure possibility; It’s hanging in the air like the banner over the door to the New Year. 2009, almost doesn’t seem real, yet here it is, 2 days away.
This year I am not going to make a resolution to lose weight or to de-clutter or to get up earlier, or any of that practical stuff. Instead I am going to resolve to be kinder to myself, to deepen my relationship with my friends and family, to work on non-judgment and to be more authentic in everything I do.
Of all of those I think authenticity is the most important. Carolyn Myss says she is “in love with the truth” and more and more I am really getting that. Without the truth there is nothing; nothing to work on, nothing real to offer others, nothing to learn, nothing to share, nothing.
Hiding who we truly are and how we truly feel does not accomplish our goals. And get this, if you think people don’t know who you really are…..you are fooling yourself. If nothing else, your people know they are not getting the true you.
Not being authentic costs us big time. We don’t get the love we deserve, we don’t get the growth we are entitled to, we don’t get the sense of accomplishment we thrive on, isn’t coming clean worth that bounty?
No doubt about it, being truthful is my most important promise this year, to you, to myself and to my world. Won’t you join me? Love to have you along for this crazy, yummy ride called 2009!
Wooo hooooo, bring it on!
Love and Happiness for the New Year,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ready ?

Ready for the holidays? Ready for the New Year? Ready to change? Ready to stay the same? Ready to get real with yourself? Ready to be inspired? Ready to express yourself? Ready to hide your true self from the world?
What exactly are you ready for? What a great question!
I got to thinking about this great question because I have asked, and been asked, about 3 million times this week am I ready for the holidays, well, I am. Not because I have the shopping, cooking and entertaining all well in hand, but because I am ready to take a good honest look at my life once again. I guess that is something that will never stop for me if I want to continue to grow, the building on each brick of self-awareness.
This used to feel ominous and almost depressing but now these self-examinations feel exciting, full of possibility. No doubt this is due to my strengthening willingness, my desire to be more real, to honour who I really am and because I am able to enjoy the results of each look more and more.
I no longer get caught up in the stress of the holidays, I do however get seriously caught up in the emotion. I miss loved ones who are away more than any other time of year, I appreciate loved one who are here more than any other time and I am more gentle with myself as I am reminded constantly what is really important.
Please take a moment and hug yourself over the holidays, give yourself the gift of a glimpse of reality, an authentic self moment, if you will. Nothing you give will feel more loving and fill the coming year with happiness and possibility than the gift of stripping away your justifications, denial, and the stories that keep you from living a truly wonderful life.
Promise yourself that the gift of self- love will become a priority over the coming year and get ready for that, because loving yourself will create results that will blow your mind!
And whose not ready for a good healthy mind blowing??
Happy, Joyous and Loving Holidays to All!