Sunday, December 6, 2009

divine holiday wisdom....

My life is fraught with divine wisdom. It is everywhere, in songs I hear, friend’s voices, magazines, books, online sites and quotes that arrive daily in my inbox. No matter what I need to provide me with exactly the right perspective at exactly the right time, it always arrives. Listening to that wisdom, on the other hand, is another story.

Unlike me the Universe is patient. She waits until I dip my toe in the water a dozen or more times. She waits until I exhaust the ears of well meaning supporters and she waits until I have just the right amount of courage available.

When I feel that universal support, that unconditional love, I feel powerful. I begin to understand yet again that there really are no limits, that what I want for myself and my life is possible and that all I need do is put one foot in front of the other in the direction of my dreams and I will be completely supported in their pursuit.

“And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun…” John Lennon

That’s one of the songs that were written for me. I know because every time I hear that line it brings me to a very reflective place. A powerful place that has me stop and take an honest look at the last 12 months and see if I have been moving in the right direction. And isn’t that why we measure time anyway?

Thank You beautiful people, friends, family, acquaintances and people who read this blog that I have never met, for making me feel less alone in my spiritual ramblings. For making me feel like my voice is heard and that I have a place to express myself.

My sincere wish is that you all have a wonderful holiday that in many ways shows you your own divine wisdom, that has you feeling empowered, reflective and ready to take action towards your dreams.

Much Love and Mistletoe,


Thursday, November 5, 2009


For those of you wondering about the PSYCHE-K workshop I attended I wanted to let you know that the process was amazing. Based on the concept that we have limiting beliefs stored in our subconscious that are roadblocks to our desires, this process can effectively remove them and allow us a straight path toward our goals. If you are local and are interested in learning more drop me an email and I will send you info about a course that I am putting together with Gary Summers for early in the new year that shows you how to do PSYCHE-K and gets you in touch with those limiting beliefs.

I must add that this, like any process, is merely a tool. No matter what we desire to create for ourselves and our lives, the tools to get the job done will show up everywhere along the way. The trick is to see them as such. I must admit that I saw PSYCHE-K as a panacea, something that would finally give me the missing motivation I was seeking. Of course, it was not.

I know intellectually that motivation comes from action, not the other way around. I know that motivation is an inside job, not something I will find doled out like so many apples at a farmers market. I know that in order to reach my goals I am going to have to be willing to go where I don’t want to and in order to have something I don’t have now it will require a level of commitment I haven’t previously brought to the table.

So, as I contemplate my next move and wonder am I crazy for trying again or fabulous for not giving up, I will start with opening my eyes and taking stock of the tools that are so freely available to me. I will be grateful for those tools and the supportive souls that surround me and I will count each as the incredible blessing they are.

Much Love Beautiful People,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Who’s ready for some change?

I see it everywhere this time of year, cooler temps, buying trends pick up, class enrollments and gym memberships go way up and people even get new hairstyles . Funny how a season that signifies things dying can be the catalyst for so much new stuff.

I wonder how much of it will stick. Like the hair that grows out, will the commitment to the gym last longer than 6 weeks? Statistics say no. Answer me this - what are you doing to make your changes stick?

Are you setting yourself up powerfully to succeed, or are you relying on the same old stuff that has seen you fail to make your changes last in the past? Things like will power, changing because someone else wants you too or because it is a perceived societal norm.

Quick show of hands – who wants more money? Right, everyone – ok, quick question – why don’t we all have more money?

I visualize, I am grateful for every penny, I pray and journal and read and clear resistance, and do all the exercises that all the ‘law of attraction’ coaches are coming up with and yes my bank account has increased over the time that I have been doing these things, but not enough to purchase even one of the things I have visualized, not one.

So, what’s going on?

Is it all a hoax, am I not creating my own life? Or, am I going about it entirely wrong?

I am attending a workshop this weekend coming that will shed some light on that question. It is called Psych-K and is based on the idea that our subconscious mind is the one running the show and if we want lasting and powerful change we must learn to communicate with it.

This is my something new; this is the investment I am making in my health and prosperity. I am excited to discover this ability and to put it to work in my life and I am excited to share it with you all after the course.

Love and strength in this powerful time of change,


p.s. These courses are run all over the world so if anyone has completed one please share your experience in the comments section (which is now moderated btw- spammers begone!). If you are interested in taking a course yourself check out their website And if you are interested in the one happening this weekend email me immediately to secure a seat.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grace in the Face….

Do you recognize love when it is coming at you? When kindness, compassion or grace is extended in your direction are you a receiver? Or are you a suspicious type - one who relies on the skepticism of the ego to keep you safe? – safe from connecting with others – safe from being authentic – safe from being vulnerable – safe from the ‘assault’ of love.

Take a moment and ask yourself what would life look like if instead of safety, today I chose to risk? Choose to believe that the people you encounter want nothing from you, choose to believe that you are supported, uplifted and enhanced by every connection you create and nurture with another.

How would our lives be different if we acted with grace in the face of love? How would the world be different? I would hazard a guess that there would be less bombs going off, less hate crimes, less intolerance, less racism, less of the ego’s rant that tells us we are separate and special.

Do yourself a favour and resolve to find out what your life will look like as an expression of grace – there are infinite numbers of opportunities every day, every hour, every minute to create grace, to receive love and to accept others and ourselves as perfect and connected and ready for the love that is waiting around ever single corner….go on, get out there and grab some!

Much Love,
(thanks Jen for yet another beautiful picture xoxox)

Friday, July 3, 2009

What does it mean to be Healthy?

Being healthy means that I have enough energy to do what I want with my day and my night and to be able to carry out these tasks pain free. Physical health, that is.

Creating a level of physical health to meet my daily requirements is a priority for me right now. Spending the last few days in bed, and being completely drained of energy has been a powerful motivator. I can’t imagine how nuts I would be if I couldn’t move around freely and come and go as I please.

I am so grateful for my current state of health, for my ability to see what is necessary and for the mobility to be able to do something about it. I am grateful for support received from all my amazing friends and family who wish only the best for me and I am grateful to my wonderful self who has an amazing life to live here and so many to help as I share my journey.

Gratitude and Health go hand in hand, they influence, attract and create each other.

Cheryl Richardson (@coachoncall) said this morning that a “high quality life has more to do with what you REMOVE from your life than what you ADD to it”. So I am asking myself today, what am I ready to let go of to BE Healthy?

Stay tuned for answers and post your own for support, inspiration or if you simply feel like sharing.

Abundant Love and Health to All,


Friday, May 29, 2009


Most people say they want a different life, but truthfully, not many people are willing to change, no matter what they say.

I believe that we are committed to what we already have, not what we think we are committed to getting.

For instance, if you want a healthy body and you don’t have one, what are you committed to? If you want a big house and you live in a small one, what are you committed to? The reality is that we create a life to support the conditions that we are committed to. Bottom line.

So look around your life, don’t listen to the ego’s wants and moans of desire swimming through your head -that‘s just another load of crap to make us believe we are moving in the right direction - when in reality what we have is what we have created, what we have is what we support, it is what we create conditions around and what we defend fearlessly and therefore it is what we are committed to.

The question now becomes, how is that working for you?

Happy Friday


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sometimes I wish I were younger…..but mostly I don’t. The younger generation appears to have every advantage but honestly if I had to go back and create the lessons again in my life that would lead me to where I am now, I am not really sure I would make it!

Young people live in their imaginary protective coating of youth and think it forgives them responsibility, not only for their own lives but for their impact on the lives of others. No wonder taking responsibility for ones existence can be such a challenge. We are not raised to believe we are responsible. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Most of us grew up believing that if we don’t have enough money it’s because either the rich have more than they deserve, the government takes too much or our boss doesn’t pay us enough, in other words ‘not my fault’. We think that we don’t have the house we want because ‘they’ have driven the prices too high, or the car we want because insurance rates are off the charts, again, ‘not my fault’.

One of the hardest things to embrace from a self-awareness point of view is that we are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that shows up in our lives. People I work with on this concept have no trouble embracing the wonderful stuff in their lives but what if you have been robbed? Been in a car accident? Lost your job, or had the bottom fall out of your investments? Are you responsible for those things too?

Yes, you are. If it shows up in your life you have attracted/co-created it. No exceptions.

Trying to assign fault for the situations in our lives is not only a waste of time (no one cares if we blame them) but it also creates a massive feeling of disempowerment; how can you change your circumstances if you are not in control of them?

If you take your life on to the degree of 100% responsibility, you will be continually growing and learning about your wonderful self. You will understand the world and your impact on it, and the world will rise up and embrace that responsible energy in ways that will blow your mind…but don’t take my word for it, give it a try.