Friday, May 29, 2009


Most people say they want a different life, but truthfully, not many people are willing to change, no matter what they say.

I believe that we are committed to what we already have, not what we think we are committed to getting.

For instance, if you want a healthy body and you don’t have one, what are you committed to? If you want a big house and you live in a small one, what are you committed to? The reality is that we create a life to support the conditions that we are committed to. Bottom line.

So look around your life, don’t listen to the ego’s wants and moans of desire swimming through your head -that‘s just another load of crap to make us believe we are moving in the right direction - when in reality what we have is what we have created, what we have is what we support, it is what we create conditions around and what we defend fearlessly and therefore it is what we are committed to.

The question now becomes, how is that working for you?

Happy Friday


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sometimes I wish I were younger…..but mostly I don’t. The younger generation appears to have every advantage but honestly if I had to go back and create the lessons again in my life that would lead me to where I am now, I am not really sure I would make it!

Young people live in their imaginary protective coating of youth and think it forgives them responsibility, not only for their own lives but for their impact on the lives of others. No wonder taking responsibility for ones existence can be such a challenge. We are not raised to believe we are responsible. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Most of us grew up believing that if we don’t have enough money it’s because either the rich have more than they deserve, the government takes too much or our boss doesn’t pay us enough, in other words ‘not my fault’. We think that we don’t have the house we want because ‘they’ have driven the prices too high, or the car we want because insurance rates are off the charts, again, ‘not my fault’.

One of the hardest things to embrace from a self-awareness point of view is that we are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that shows up in our lives. People I work with on this concept have no trouble embracing the wonderful stuff in their lives but what if you have been robbed? Been in a car accident? Lost your job, or had the bottom fall out of your investments? Are you responsible for those things too?

Yes, you are. If it shows up in your life you have attracted/co-created it. No exceptions.

Trying to assign fault for the situations in our lives is not only a waste of time (no one cares if we blame them) but it also creates a massive feeling of disempowerment; how can you change your circumstances if you are not in control of them?

If you take your life on to the degree of 100% responsibility, you will be continually growing and learning about your wonderful self. You will understand the world and your impact on it, and the world will rise up and embrace that responsible energy in ways that will blow your mind…but don’t take my word for it, give it a try.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fear Anyone?

Last weekend I walked head on into the fear and look, I am still here, breathing, living and working on….imagine that. All the demons of my ego were wrong. I did not fail miserably and look like an idiot, I did not cause others to look like idiots, I did not catch fire and burn to my soul. No, none of the scary, ridiculous things my ego conjured up to try and have me walk away from an opportunity happened.
Instead I told my ego where to go while I got on with the business of making a wonderful event happen. Get Inspired 2009 was the inaugural event of a new company I am forming called Get Inspired- Speakers and Corporate Entertainment. From those who attended, all feedback was positive. The show ran very smoothly and the audience was delighted with each of the 7 wonderful speakers who gave us their most inspiring 45 minutes. Ticket sales were less than desirable but as a learning experience it was priceless.
So, let’s get clear about this because it is well worth repeating. When you push on through the fear you get to accomplish what you set out to do and more often than not all of the ego crap never happens anyway! It’s like worrying; if you really look at the stuff we worry about you will see that 99% of it never happens!
The conversation of the ego, the endless stream of reasons that keep us from taking a leap straight into the life of our dreams is an illusion; a fairytale, complete with a big bad wolves, wicked witches and fire breathing dragons. So, ask yourself this question as you ponder your next big move, your next decision that has you walk into the face of your fear and come out with amazing accomplishments – who is going to win? You or an illusion?
Much Love and Huge Admiration
p.s. share your own stories of walking through fear in the comments section!

Friday, May 1, 2009

things that make me go hmmmm....

For some, the last few months have been very difficult. There have been mass layoffs, housing foreclosures tons of money lost in investments and numerous other issues pertaining to the dreaded ‘recession’. So, first of all if you are one of those who finds themselves suffering due to this situation, I hope you do not take offence to what I am about to write. I am in no way minimizing your pain; I am simply offering my take on events.

It seems that from a big picture point of view, what has happened has been a necessary ‘course correction’. Think about it, almost overnight the financial and automobile industries have been transformed. Everyone has an opinion about how it was handled, but no one can deny that these two industries are now being held more accountable than ever before and in my eyes, that’s a good thing. With only money driving them, the bubble was bound to burst and now that it has, there is hope for change. Hope for these industries to serve their CLIENTS, you and me. To give us the best deals and the bonuses, to create products that we want, not just the products that have the highest profit margin.

The other side of this is that, as a society who is completely responsible for what we create it to be, we did this. Somewhere inside us we knew that this idea of getting rich by false means, by building earth killing products and by creating hardship for others was a plan that was headed for the crapper and so we attracted conditions that would create this necessary ‘course correction’. This will be a much more efficient, effective, earth- friendly and sustainable society because of what has occurred in these past few months, mark my words.

Now, it is time for us to do it again; with food. Take a minute over the coming weekend as you are running your errands, getting your groceries, socializing, to notice how many fat and obese people there are. It used to be that being overweight made you stick out from a crowd, not anymore. Today the entire crowd is overweight and the slim person stands out. What’s up with that?

I am not inspired by diet and exercise. Being considerably overweight and being uninspired to use the accepted norm of pushing against the condition with calorie restriction and prolonged aerobic activity can be rather depressing. And I was, depressed. In the last few months I have been exploring what might be the deeper issues and along the way I have discovered that one of my greatest motivators is education.

I am learning about the food industry and man, am I getting pissed! I am learning that North America’s food companies have manipulated our governments and our citizens into believing that they are concerned with our health and nothing could be further from the truth. As you are watching the tons of people (pun intended) waddle through our fast food, convenience oriented world this weekend, ask yourself this question: Why, if the food industry, the supplier of our sustenance, is primarily concerned with our health, are we not healthy?

Stay tuned….

Much Love