Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sometimes I wish I were younger…..but mostly I don’t. The younger generation appears to have every advantage but honestly if I had to go back and create the lessons again in my life that would lead me to where I am now, I am not really sure I would make it!

Young people live in their imaginary protective coating of youth and think it forgives them responsibility, not only for their own lives but for their impact on the lives of others. No wonder taking responsibility for ones existence can be such a challenge. We are not raised to believe we are responsible. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Most of us grew up believing that if we don’t have enough money it’s because either the rich have more than they deserve, the government takes too much or our boss doesn’t pay us enough, in other words ‘not my fault’. We think that we don’t have the house we want because ‘they’ have driven the prices too high, or the car we want because insurance rates are off the charts, again, ‘not my fault’.

One of the hardest things to embrace from a self-awareness point of view is that we are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that shows up in our lives. People I work with on this concept have no trouble embracing the wonderful stuff in their lives but what if you have been robbed? Been in a car accident? Lost your job, or had the bottom fall out of your investments? Are you responsible for those things too?

Yes, you are. If it shows up in your life you have attracted/co-created it. No exceptions.

Trying to assign fault for the situations in our lives is not only a waste of time (no one cares if we blame them) but it also creates a massive feeling of disempowerment; how can you change your circumstances if you are not in control of them?

If you take your life on to the degree of 100% responsibility, you will be continually growing and learning about your wonderful self. You will understand the world and your impact on it, and the world will rise up and embrace that responsible energy in ways that will blow your mind…but don’t take my word for it, give it a try.


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