Friday, May 29, 2009


Most people say they want a different life, but truthfully, not many people are willing to change, no matter what they say.

I believe that we are committed to what we already have, not what we think we are committed to getting.

For instance, if you want a healthy body and you don’t have one, what are you committed to? If you want a big house and you live in a small one, what are you committed to? The reality is that we create a life to support the conditions that we are committed to. Bottom line.

So look around your life, don’t listen to the ego’s wants and moans of desire swimming through your head -that‘s just another load of crap to make us believe we are moving in the right direction - when in reality what we have is what we have created, what we have is what we support, it is what we create conditions around and what we defend fearlessly and therefore it is what we are committed to.

The question now becomes, how is that working for you?

Happy Friday


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