Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fear Anyone?

Last weekend I walked head on into the fear and look, I am still here, breathing, living and working on….imagine that. All the demons of my ego were wrong. I did not fail miserably and look like an idiot, I did not cause others to look like idiots, I did not catch fire and burn to my soul. No, none of the scary, ridiculous things my ego conjured up to try and have me walk away from an opportunity happened.
Instead I told my ego where to go while I got on with the business of making a wonderful event happen. Get Inspired 2009 was the inaugural event of a new company I am forming called Get Inspired- Speakers and Corporate Entertainment. From those who attended, all feedback was positive. The show ran very smoothly and the audience was delighted with each of the 7 wonderful speakers who gave us their most inspiring 45 minutes. Ticket sales were less than desirable but as a learning experience it was priceless.
So, let’s get clear about this because it is well worth repeating. When you push on through the fear you get to accomplish what you set out to do and more often than not all of the ego crap never happens anyway! It’s like worrying; if you really look at the stuff we worry about you will see that 99% of it never happens!
The conversation of the ego, the endless stream of reasons that keep us from taking a leap straight into the life of our dreams is an illusion; a fairytale, complete with a big bad wolves, wicked witches and fire breathing dragons. So, ask yourself this question as you ponder your next big move, your next decision that has you walk into the face of your fear and come out with amazing accomplishments – who is going to win? You or an illusion?
Much Love and Huge Admiration
p.s. share your own stories of walking through fear in the comments section!


Justin said...

Hey Allison, I love what you've created here and I can't wait to go through it all to learn more about you and me!

Divina Pe said...

I think this blog is talking to me. Yes, I do have a lot of fears and it prevents from enjoying life. And that includes my self-worth and self-esteem as I grew up with a lot of negative words until today. This is worth reading.