Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grace in the Face….

Do you recognize love when it is coming at you? When kindness, compassion or grace is extended in your direction are you a receiver? Or are you a suspicious type - one who relies on the skepticism of the ego to keep you safe? – safe from connecting with others – safe from being authentic – safe from being vulnerable – safe from the ‘assault’ of love.

Take a moment and ask yourself what would life look like if instead of safety, today I chose to risk? Choose to believe that the people you encounter want nothing from you, choose to believe that you are supported, uplifted and enhanced by every connection you create and nurture with another.

How would our lives be different if we acted with grace in the face of love? How would the world be different? I would hazard a guess that there would be less bombs going off, less hate crimes, less intolerance, less racism, less of the ego’s rant that tells us we are separate and special.

Do yourself a favour and resolve to find out what your life will look like as an expression of grace – there are infinite numbers of opportunities every day, every hour, every minute to create grace, to receive love and to accept others and ourselves as perfect and connected and ready for the love that is waiting around ever single corner….go on, get out there and grab some!

Much Love,
(thanks Jen for yet another beautiful picture xoxox)

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