Thursday, November 5, 2009


For those of you wondering about the PSYCHE-K workshop I attended I wanted to let you know that the process was amazing. Based on the concept that we have limiting beliefs stored in our subconscious that are roadblocks to our desires, this process can effectively remove them and allow us a straight path toward our goals. If you are local and are interested in learning more drop me an email and I will send you info about a course that I am putting together with Gary Summers for early in the new year that shows you how to do PSYCHE-K and gets you in touch with those limiting beliefs.

I must add that this, like any process, is merely a tool. No matter what we desire to create for ourselves and our lives, the tools to get the job done will show up everywhere along the way. The trick is to see them as such. I must admit that I saw PSYCHE-K as a panacea, something that would finally give me the missing motivation I was seeking. Of course, it was not.

I know intellectually that motivation comes from action, not the other way around. I know that motivation is an inside job, not something I will find doled out like so many apples at a farmers market. I know that in order to reach my goals I am going to have to be willing to go where I don’t want to and in order to have something I don’t have now it will require a level of commitment I haven’t previously brought to the table.

So, as I contemplate my next move and wonder am I crazy for trying again or fabulous for not giving up, I will start with opening my eyes and taking stock of the tools that are so freely available to me. I will be grateful for those tools and the supportive souls that surround me and I will count each as the incredible blessing they are.

Much Love Beautiful People,

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