The Program

​Tailored to your organization, 
The WORTH for Women in Business (WWB) Program
is a compelling and insightful deep-end dive into the type ​of thinking that supports highly effective business women.

Throughout a full day of activities, lectures and discussions, we reveal our true nature, remove obstacles to our productivity, get in touch with our inherent strength and craft a plan ​to get out of our own way and get down to being the best business women we can be.

Topics covered include:

  • Intention as a business tool
  • Why FEAR is good
  • What my business is teaching me
  • Anatomy of a thought
  • Preparing for Greatness

and more

The objective of WWB is to guide business women past their limiting beliefs and into a place of possibility. We honour who you are in each moment without judgement and offer a safe environment to work through some of the issues that might be keeping you from living your best life.

The WORTH Program started 20+ years ago as an exploration of personal development. It has since evolved into a transformative day-long workshop 
and keynote presentation for women in business.
Our aim is to inspire your membership to reach outside their comfort zones and into a ​field of potential they only previously dreamed possible.

I’d be honoured to discuss the details with you, reach out here.